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CeeDive Philly is a tool for comparing neighborhoods in the greater Philadelphia area. Enter a neighborhood you’re interested in, and select characteristics (e.g. school quality) on which to compare the neighborhoods. If you discover a neighborhood you’re interested in, you can use SeeDive to view random images of it.

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Land Area
Total Population
Population Density (persons per square mile)
Percent Water
Percent Female
Percent Under Age 5
Percent 85plus
Percent White
Percent Asian
Percent Hispanic
Percent of kids in school
Percent of teens in school
Percent Unemployed
Percent Unpaid Family Laborers
Percent In Farming Fishing Industry
Percent Professional Industry
Percent Food Service Industry
Percent HouseholdsWithEarnings
Percent HouseholdsWithStocks
Percent HouseholdsOnWelfare
Median Household Income 2018
Per Capita Income 2017
Gini Index
Percent OwnerOccupied
Median Value Dollars adjusted for inflation to match value in 2018
Median Gross Rent 1 Bedroom
Median Gross Rent 3 Bedrooms
Median Selected Monthly Owner Costs as a Percentage of Household Income
Average Commute to Work (minutes)
Percent Non-White Homeowners
Percent Vacant Residences
Percent Very Roomy Residences
Percent Mobile Units
Percent Very New Homes
Percent Very Old Homes
Percent Living with Space
Percent Homes with Solar
Percent Homes Very Inexpensive
Percent Homes Very Expensive
Percent of Homes without a Mortgage
Percent Children in Poverty
Percent Adults in Poverty
Percent in Critical Poverty
Percent who Drive Alone to Work
Percent who use Public Transit
Percent who Walk to Work
Percent with No Parking
Percent with 1 parking space
Percent with 4 parking spaces
Percent Renters From Out of State
Percent Same House 1 Year Ago
Percent Recent Veterans
Percent Foreign-Born Citizen
Percent Foreign-Born Non-Citizen
Percent Northern European
Percent Eastern European
Percent Eastern Asian
Percent South Central Asian
Percent South Eastern Asian
Percent Eastern African
Percent Western African
Percent Southern African
Percent Oceanian
Percent Caribbean
Percent Central American
Percent South American
Percent Canadian
Percent Non Family Households
Percent Management Occupation
Percent Transportation Workers
Percent No Health Insurance
Percent Private Health Insurance
Percent Single Parent Families
Real Estate: home size (median)
Real Estate: frontage (median)
Real Estate: total livable area (median)
Real Estate: year built (median)
Real Estate: residential value (median)
Real Estate: commercial value (median)
Real Estate: aptartment value (median)
Real Estate: residential value psf (median)
Real Estate: commercial value psf (median)
Real Estate: aptartment value psf (median)
Real Estate: percent with central air
Real Estate: fireplaces (mean)
Real Estate: garage spaces (mean)
Real Estate: number of rooms (mean)
Real Estate: number of bathrooms (mean)
Real Estate: number of bedrooms (mean)
Real Estate: number stories (mean)
Apartment Buildings
Detached Homes
Industrial Buildings
Vacant Buildings
Industrial Zones
Mixed Use Zones
Multi Family Zones
Single Family Zones
Vacant Lots
Within-Neighborhood Variability in Lot Size
Within-Neighborhood Variability in Building/Home Height
Within-Neighborhood Variability in Home Size
Within-Neighborhood Variability in Year Built
Within-Neighborhood Variability in Home Value
Within-Neighborhood Variability in Land Value
Archdiocese Schools Total
Private Schools Total
Charter Schools Total
District Schools Total
Percent Archdiocese Schools
Percent Private Schools
Percent Charter Schools
Percent District Schools
Mean Enrollment
School Overall Score
School Achievement Score
School Climate Score
Percent with near-Perfect Attendance
School Retention
InSchool suspension score
OutOfSchool suspension score
School Climate (student survey)
School Climate (parent survey)
Parent Survey Participation Percent
Distinguished Teaching Effectiveness Score
Instruction Effectiveness Score
Teacher Attendance Score
Student Survey Teaching Score
School Size Variability within ZIP
School Quality Variability within ZIP
Out of School Time programs
Percent Exposed to too Much Lead
Commercial Electricity Cost
Industrial Electricity Cost
Residential Electricity Cost
Mean Opioid Prescribing Rate
Neighborhood Advisory Committees
Neighborhood Energy Centers
Community Pools
Total Families in Affordable Housing
Community Assets (Acreage)
Community Assets (Count)
Public Restrooms
Public and Community Gardens
Public Athletic Facilities
School Poverty
Distance to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (driving)
Distance to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (cycling)
Distance to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (public transport)
Distance to Liberty Bell (driving)
Distance to Liberty Bell (cycling)
Distance to Liberty Bell (public transport)
Match Neighborhoods?

If you check the last checkbox (“Match Neighborhoods?”), the neighborhoods chosen for comparison will be those that most closely match your target neighborhood on the selected characteristics. For example, if there’s a neighborhood you like, you could select the characteristics you like about it (e.g. its schools and its parks), and CeeDive Philly will find the neighborhoods with schools and parks most similar to your target neighborhood. If the “Match Neighborhoods?” checkbox is not checked, the comparison neighborhoods will be chosen at random. This is recommended if you are using the tool mostly for curiosity and getting to know Philly.