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CeeDive is a tool for comparing and contrasting cities around the world. Enter the name of your city, the number of cities you want in your result (3 – 20 suggested), and check the boxes you wish to match on.

Tornado Parameter
Wind Speed
Wind Gusts
Wind Speed Variability
Temperature Variability
Visibility Variability
City Product per capita
Unemployment Rate
Access to Water and Shelter
Physician Accessibility
Internet Access
Use of Public Transportation
Average Daily Travel Time
Traffic Fatalities
Life Expectancy at Birth
Under Five Mortality Rate
Literacy Rate
Mean Years of Schooling
Homicide rate
Gini Coefficient
Poverty Rate
Slum Households
Youth Unemployment
Equitable Secondary School Enrollment
PM10 Concentration
CO2 Emissions
Share of renewable energy consumption
Voter Turnout
OBESITY Prevalence
CANCER Prevalence
ARTHRITIS Prevalence
HIGH BP Prevalence
COPD Prevalence
SMOKING Prevalence
DIABETES Prevalence
TOOTH LOSS Prevalence
Seat Belt Use
Technological Innovation
Proportion Urban
Proportion Suburban
Proportion Rural
Urban Proportion Open Space
City Density
Overall Density
Urban Saturation
Openness Index
Interpersonal Proximity Index
Cohesion Index
Urban Proportion Roads
Average Road Width
Proportion Narrow Roads
Density of all Arterial Roads
Proportion of Area Walking Distance from Roads
Average Block Size
Walkability Ratio
Proportion Urban Space Gridded
Match Cities?

If you check the very last checkbox (“Match Cities?”), the cities chosen for comparison will be those that most closely match your target city on the selected characteristics. If the “Match Cities?” checkbox is not checked, the comparison cities will be chosen at random. This is recommended if you are using the tool mostly for curiosity.

Note that these data are highly imputed. Please contact reductionist@gmail.com for more information.

Thanks, Alan Barreca, Genie Birch, Jim McWilliams, and Ken Steif for valuable advice.

Thanks, Dad, for the idea to do this.

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