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[EmDive is temporarily disabled as of 28 September 2019. It will be back in a couple days.]

EmDive (short for “Music Dive”) is a music-match algorithm based on a simple, on-the-spot analysis of data pulled from live servers specifically for your request. To use, just enter an artist/band name and your email address. You also have the option of turning discover mode on. When discover mode is on, the results will make less intuitive “sense”, but you’ll be more likely to discover new bands (and like them). This is all possible due to the generous data use policies of last.fm. Consider giving them a visit.

I need your email address because it takes time (30-90 minutes) to acquire the data necessary to fulfill your request and to run the analyses necessary to give your recommendations. This ensures that your recommendations are based on fresh data, to the minute. Your email address will not be sold or used in any way. Please direct questions to mooremetrics@gmail.com or reductionist@gmail.com

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