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I’ll go in order of importance (descending). I met my wife, Genevieve Nesom, on October 2015, and we were married in October 2017. We recently bought a house in West Philly and love it here. Genevieve is an Ethics Manager for Taylor & Francis

Genevieve and me, July 2019

We also manage a community garden at 44th and Locust. If interested in gardening with us, please email me or westphillyplotland@gmail.com.

West Philly Plotland in July

As far as my personal background, I was born in Huntsville, Alabama in 1981. My dad (Robert Moore) was a geographer (now visual artist), so my family and I moved around quite a bit. My mom (Karen Moore) was a graphic artist (now retired) who, in retrospect, found work surprisingly frequently given how often we changed locations. To give an idea, here are the schools I attended:

Lewis-Palmer Elementary School – Monument, Colorado – 1987-88
Istanbul International Community School – Istanbul, Turkey – 1988-89
Madison Elementary School – Madison, Alabama – 1989-90
Morgan County Elementary School – Trinity, Alabama – 1990-94
Whitesburg Middle School – Hunstville, Alabama – 1994-96
Baldwin School of Puerto Rico – Bayamón, Puerto Rico – 1996-97
Martin County High School – Stuart, FL – 1997-98
Grissom High School – Hunstville, Alabama – 1998-2000

I then went on to Pomona College in 2000 (class of 2004), went to Iceland for two months, and did a M.Sc. in Social Psychology in Exeter, England. Then, Analyst at a management consulting firm (Watson-Wyatt, now Towers-Watson) in Manhattan (I lived in Chinatown) followed by Analyst at Solid Earth, LLC in Huntsville, AL. Then from 2007-2012 I did a PhD in Quantitative Psychology at UCLA under Steve Reise. From there I started at the University of Pennsylvania as a Postdoc in February 2013, and have been loving it ever since.

I can also be found here: GoogleScholar, Facebook, LastFM, YouTube (tell no one).

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