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IMPORTANT: This experimental probability calculator is meant for ages 8 – 21 years only, and the probability given is for clinical high risk status (CHR), not frank psychosis (e.g. schizophrenia).

How far in the future do you want to predict? (months)
Participant age now (years)
Participant sex
Participant race
Children’s Global Assessment Scale (CGAS) score
SIPS rating for Changes in Perception of Self, Others, or the World
Extent to which participant agrees with the following statement: “I think that I might be able to predict the future.”
Extent to which participant agrees with the following statement: “I may have felt that there could possibly be something interrupting or controlling my thoughts, feelings, or actions.”
Extent to which participant agrees with the following statement: “I have been concerned that I might be going crazy.”
Participant response to item: “Has there ever been a time when you felt like you hardly needed sleep?”
Participant response to item: “Are you currently taking medication because of your emotions and/or behaviors?”
Proportion of residents in participant’s neighborhood who are married
How many of the following traumatic exposures has the participant endured?: “been in a flood, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or some other natural disaster where they thought they were going to die or be seriously hurt?”, “been in a situation where they thought they or someone close to them was going to be killed or be hurt very badly (e.g. family violence)?”, “been attacked by somebody or badly beaten?”, “been very upset by someone forcing them to do something sexual?”, “been attacked sexually or raped?”, “been threatened with a weapon?”, “been in a bad accident?”, “seen or heard somebody get killed, get hurt very badly, or die?”, “been very upset by seeing a dead body or by seeing pictures of the dead body of somebody they knew well?”
Face Memory test accuracy: age-standardized score (standard deviations)

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