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This is a collection of plants spotted in West Philadelphia (~2013 – present), including identifications using FlowerChecker+ (then verified by Guy Nesom).

Lantana camara (common lantana); near 47th & Osage Ave, 2019
Setaria viridis (green foxtail, green bristlegrass); near 42nd & Baltimore Ave, 2019
Erigeron annuus (annual fleabane); near 46th & Pine St, 2019
Passiflora edulis (passion flower native to South America); near 44th & Locust St (West Philly Plotland), 2019
Plectranthus scutellarioides (coleus); near 47th & Osage Ave, 2019
Trifolium repens (white clover); near 43rd & Spruce St, 2019

Visit the full herbarium (over 100 identified West Philly plants) here! All questions can be directed to reductionist@gmail.com.